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Packed Frozen Red Prawn For A Healthy You

Posted by Admin on September, 09, 2020

Technically known as Aristaeomorpha foliacea, Red Prawn is alike in appearance to shrimps, but they can be distinguished by the gill structure which is diverging in prawns and not in shrimp. The prawn also belongs to the family of crab and lobster. Red Prawns usually prefer quieter waters where they can nest in the water plants to lay their eggs. They fodder by sieving nutritious particles from the surrounding waters, hence are often found on rocks or close to the sea floor.

Today, with the developing food habits of individuals, Red Prawn consumption has surged evidently in the recent times. It is stated that.

The Indian prawn industry has expanded globally during the last decade. This rise has impelled a fundamental role in the global industry supply. Though, the rapidly growing exports from India have caused a decline in price insight of Red Prawns in global markets. The leading 5 producers of Red Prawns are mainly from Asia i.e., China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. For more than 80% of the total global Red Prawn production, account to these countries.

Red Prawns are loaded with many nutritional benefits, hence are cogitated by health specialists to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. A great source of essential protein, along with important vitamins and minerals that make up a healthy diet Red Prawns are remarkably low in calories and rich in some exceptionally healthy cholesterol. According to some researches consumption of Red prawns is part of a heart healthy diet. And due to their easy availability around the globe, there are countless prawn dishes within almost every type of cuisine.

Let’s have a look at the nutritional benefits of Red Prawns:

• Red prawns provide a complete dosage of protein, that includes all nine amino acids in the right proportion.

• Being extremely low in calories, Red prawns is the favourite diet food for nutritionist and diet conscious individuals.

• While Red prawns have higher amounts of cholesterol, they do not shoot up the cholesterol levels in the body as they have healthy fat profile. In fact, the cholesterol found in prawns is essential for a healthy diet.

• Enriched with Vitamins B-6, B-12 and Niacin, Red Prawns boosts the body to build muscle and fill-up red blood cells.

• Consumption of prawns is essential in forming strong bones as they are enriched with copper, phosphorous, and magnesium.

Being highly in demand, there is a full-fledged industry of Packed Frozen Red Prawn Wholesale Suppliers in Odisha.

These suppliers are experiencing everlasting demand of Red prawns that is providing them a new dimension of business expansion. Packed Frozen Red Prawn Suppliers in Odisha are eminent suppliers in the global market and to sustain their position they need to adapt the following attributes:

• They should be procure Red Prawns from the reliable sources to ensure supreme quality production.

• The suppliers should deal with manufacturers who keep on enhancing the processing techniques to give the best results.

• They should maintain good hygiene standards; offer best affordable prices and timely deliveries to ensure client satisfaction.

• Warehousing is a crucial aspect for storing Red Prawns. Proper cold storage facilities with suitable temperature should be designed to procure the quality of the Red prawn.

• As this is a perishable item so time to time upgrading the packaging techniques is mandatory to keep the food quality intact.

Thus, it would not be wrong to state that Packed Frozen Red Prawn Suppliers in India have placed themselves in the upper echelons of the commodity industry with their reliable export services.

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